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Dating In Early Recovery

Hello everyone! Since it's almost Valentine's Day, we figured what better topic to talk about than relationships. Dating in early recovery is a very common subject that is talked about A LOT! I'm sure it's not hard for anyone (whether you're in recovery or not) to take a good guess as to why this is such a hot topic among people in early recovery. Based off the experiences of very many people, getting into a relationship shortly after getting sober can ABSOLUTELY have potential negative outcomes. Regardless of all of the different suggestions there are out there about how long you should wait until dating, it's pretty common that most people early in recovery don't want to put that part of their life on hold. Relationships are notoriously known for being hard for a lot of people to navigate, so how could this possibly not be something that is going to potentially have counterproductive effects on someone who is currently trying to live their whole entire lives differently? Ultimately, the healthiest way to work through making this decision is to openly and honestly communicate with your sponsor, your support system, any treatment team members, and/or anyone else that is going to give you honest and supportive feedback. The biggest obstacle here? Willingness.

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