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Hey everyone! I was thinking about what to talk about next, and I decided discussing willingness would be a good place to start! What do you think of when you hear the word "willingness"? If you asked a room full of people what it means to them, you'd probably get a lot of different answers. Maybe something like determination, openness, or initiative? The term willingness is used a lot in many different settings when it comes to changing something, especially something about yourself. It may seem like an elusive thing, but when it comes to recovery from substance abuse, willingness is indispensable and crucial to achieving long-term sobriety. Unfortunately, not everyone demonstrates true willingness when getting sober. It is talked about a lot, but especially in early recovery, not everyone early in recovery truly understands what willingness really looks like or they have a hard time seeing when their actions aren't lining up with willingness. So what does true willingness look like? Some examples of true willingness can look like taking direction, humility, honesty, staying open-minded, and integrity. Getting sober and learning how to live life sober can (or, more than likely will,) be a difficult challenge, and not being in a position of willingness will make it even more challenging. The experience of MANY people shows that willingness makes achieving long-term sobriety (and truly being happy while being sober) possible!

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