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To help you get to know us a little better, we wanted to take the opportunity to tell you a little about who we are!


Our Founder/Executive Director, Lizzie Butler, struggled with addiction for many years until she got sober in May of 2017. Due to her own experience making her uniquely qualified to help others, she made the decision that she wanted to help other women recover from the deadly disease of addiction and alcoholism. Lizzie is currently in school to become a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor and has been working in the substance abuse industry since 2017.

Co-founder/Board Secretary, Stephanie Kelly, has a passion for helping those fighting addiction because of her personal experience with having an adult child battling addiction. She knows the fears, frustrations, and pain of wanting a loved one to break free of addiction’s hold and how powerless that can feel. Stephanie’s daughter and she are committed to helping those battling addiction begin to thrive.

Board President, Cole Word, has spent many years in the court system while also being in recovery from substance abuse for over 20 years. Cole was a Probate Judge for Bosque County, CEO of Bosque County Budget Committee, CEO of Bosque County Commissioner’s Court, President of (6 county) Heart of Texas Council of Governments, Lead CEO of Texas Workforce Board (also 6 counties) and assisted with creation and presentation of Pre-Trial DWI Diversion Program for Texas Association of Counties.

Board Treasurer, Lauren Waters, has a passion for helping others recover from substance abuse issues due to her own experience and struggles with addiction. Lauren has been in recovery for many years and has helped numerous women since she started her recovery journey.

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Lizzie & Cole


Lizzie & Stephanie

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