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Personalized Experience 

We understand each person is different and needs a personalized experience. Our live-in staff helps each resident with whatever boundaries in recovery they may be experiencing. 


Recovery Support

We assist all of our residents with finding sponsorship, meeting locations, outpatient services, H&I's, recovery events, and any other recovery-related support. We also have women with strong recovery programs come to the house once a week to have a meeting with the residents and share their experiences.

Recovery Education

We believe that giving residents the tools they need helps pave the way for a long-lasting, healthy recovery. Our staff educates our residents on "Recovery 101" and helps ensure they know all the basics that are needed to succeed!

Unity & Fellowship

At Silver Linings, we strongly believe unity and fellowship are crucial to recovery. In our home, a sense of community is cultivated. We also encourage all of our residents to get involved in the recovery fellowship and attend recovery events.

12 Step Support

Our program within the house is based on the 12 steps of AA, so it is important to us that we assist the residents in developing a foundation that plays a major role in living a life free from substance abuse and helps maintain a spiritual connection. 

What It's Like

Some of the basics of what we require are 12 step meeting attendance, actively working a recovery program with a sponsor, multiple UA's and breathalyzers per week, two house meetings per week, morning meditation groups, curfews, and obtaining productive hours (Employment, school, and/or outpatient). 


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